Augmented Reality and Education

The use of augmented reality in education has become an increasingly prevalent way to engage students and promote creativity. There are quite a few mobile apps that teachers can use to enhance learning both inside the classroom and out.

Aurasma Studio is one app that comes up often as an option for classroom education. This app provides a platform from which you can build your own augmented reality experiences. Teachers can create what Aurasma calls “trigger images” in the app, and then students scan those images and see whatever it is you want come to life or link to the web somehow. Augmented reality applications in general allow for a lot of creativity. Quiver is another app that doesn’t allow for as much inventiveness on the part of the user, but would be fun to teach students about augmented reality nonetheless.

We found a list of augmented reality apps for the classroom, but here are a few in particular that we recommend (a few of which have built on the Aurasma platform):

Aurasma Studio, Quiver, Science AR, Augment, Anatomy 4D, Daqri Studio, AugThat.